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Momir Ilic for “With Veszprem to Cologne next season”

Serbian NT captain and THW Kiel player in the last four years, Momir Ilic speaks exclusively for about his last efforts with German team and signed four years deal with Hungarian champion, MKB Veszprem:

-I expected two very tough matches with TOP quality Veszprem. In the first match we won after -6, even I don’t know how. We showed that we never stop to fight, that is our biggest strentgh. We knew how tough will be to play in front of fantastic fans in “Veszprem Arena”. Our tactics was to keep the ball, to try to be calm and make a good chances to scoring goals. It’s really sad because of handball that two big teams as Kiel and Veszprem had to play at 1/4 final, that one of them can’t play in Cologne – says “Serbian Bombardier”.

You have a chance to become the first Serbian player who can win three EHF Champions League trophies (2010, 2012 and 2013)?

– Firstly I wanted to win just once, but then, you know as every sportsman, you want more and more. We had amazing last season, we stayed unbeatable. The last season in Kiel is somekind of TOP of my career. I would like to leave Germany with “hat-trick”. It will be extremelly difficult. Barca, HSV and Kielce waiting us. Trophy in “Lanxess Arena” could be unforgeatable the end of my Bundesliga part of career.


Which rival you want in F4 semi-final?

– I don’t want to play against Barcelona in the first match. Kiel and BArca are the best teams in Europe. As I said for Veszprem, it would be really sad if we can’t meet them in the final. That clash in the final would have more quality and fight for new great event in Cologne.

You have played two times in “Lanxess Arena”. Is that your biggest advantage, because you know how to react in front of 20.000 fans, who are mainly your fans from Kiel?

You know, you have only two days to show everything you know. One bad afternoon can get you out of the competition, so even the fans can’t help you. All teams coming to play until the end. Some minor could decide.


You were in specific situation last two weekends. You played against your future team? How do you feel?

– Yes, it was really specific situation, such an important matches, I was really excited. I am happy that I signed a deal with Veszprem. That is TOP team, real handball city with fantastic fans. I will have my place in the plans of coach Ortega. Team gives all efforts at the Champions League and I hope that I will go to Cologne next year also, this time with Veszprem.

After seven years (Vfl Gummersbach 2006-2009 and THW Kiel 2009-2013) you are leaving DKB Bundesliga. Hungary will be a start of new chapter of your career?

– When I decided to left Kiel, I wanted to find team who wants trophies. That was the first condition to be satisfied in my case. TOP goals were always some kind of “rule” in Kiel. Kiel is the biggest team in the World. I spent there fantastic four years, won a lot of trophies and that is for player TOP of career, but also, Veszprem is TOP team with great ambitions. I wish to make great results in Hungary also, I will give 100% for that…

That isn’t “Hungarian Veszprem” anymore. There are a lot of players who know how to win EHF CL (Nagy, Rodriguez, Oneto, Ugalde)…

– Team is very good,no doubt about that. It will be very interesting to see how far we can go…

Your move to Hungary will mean that you won’t have such a enormous efforts in the rhytm “wednesday – saturday”, what can be good for Serbian NT also?

That is also one of the reason why I decided to leave Germany. Bundesliga takes 100% of you, tough matches, long trips, etc. Hungarian championship is weaker, that is good for me to save energy for big matches in the Champions League. I will be fresh also for the NT. I will be there to help as much as I can. There were situations in the last few years when I couldn’t give more to the them, because I was exausted.

That means that you won’t say “godbye” to Serbia?

It’s difficult to say now. It depends from headcoach, does he has me in the plans, etc. As I said before – I can’t say NO to my country – concludes Serbian captain.

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