MUSAAA! Croatia at third EURO final after epic 80 minutes!

Croatia will play in the third EHF EURO final after epic match tonight in Stockholm, decided with the goal of line-player Zeljko Musa at the end of 80 minutes of amazing battle with Norway 29:28 (26:26 – 23:23, 12:10).

Over 16.000 fans at Tele 2 Arena witnessed one of the best matches in the history of EURO competition since 1994. 

Domagoj Duvnjak saved his team with 7-meter goal for the extra-time, both teams had their own chances, but at the end, lucky was on the side of Lino Cervar’s team.

Norway – Croatia 28-29 (10-12)

Norway: Sander Sagosen 10, Magnus Gullerud 4, Eivind Tangen 4, Goeran Johannessen 4, Magnus Joendal 2, Kristian Björnsen 2, Christian O´Sullivan 1, Harald Reinkind 1.

Croatia: Domagoj Duvnjak 8, Marino Maric 6, Zlatko Horvat 4, Luka Stepancic 3, Vlado Matanovic 2, David Mandic 2, Igor Karacic 2, Zeljko Musa 1, Luka Cindric 1.


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