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NIGHTMARE AGAIN! Nora Mork renew knee injury

It is definitely a nightmare for one of the best handball players in the last few years and all the fans who support her through horrible period of her career. The Norwegian superstar Nora Mork renewed injury of knee ligaments after 10 minutes on the handball court at the “new beginning” at CSM Bucuresti.

The Norwegian right back began to play after 14 months break, but her knee didn’t react well. She got out of the court and examination confirmed “black scenery”, so ahead of Ex-Gyor player is the new long period of rehabilitation.

Keep you head up, Nora.

CSM Bucuresti beat Valcea 29:23 in the battle of the Super Cup trophy.

SCM Rm. Vâlcea – CSM Bucureşti 23-29 (14-16)

Ciucă, Dumanska, Batinovic – portari; Da Silva 2, Elghaoui 4, Băcăoanu, Adespii 1, Lopez 2, Norgaard 1, Florica, Glibko 4, Zamfirescu, Liscevic 5, Badea, Stamin, Gonzalez 4. 

Dedu 1 gol, Grubisic – portari; Curea 1, Torstenson 2, Lekic 5, Neagu, Mork 4, Perianu 2, Klikovac 2, Constantinescu, Vâlcan, Jipa, Pintea 6, Moisă 3, Grbic 3, Martin.



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