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Nikola Karabatic for “We don’t have problem – EHF CL is too strong”

Surprisingly ornot, French top team, HC Montpellier finished fourth in the Preliminary group of the EHF Champions League what means that Karabatic and his teammates will face TOP team in the TOP 16, Atletico Madrid, HSV or F.C Barcelona. Nikola Karabatic talked for in Belgrade, where Montpellier had easy 60 minutes against Partizan 30:20.

– I just heard that Medvedi lost TOP 16 qualification. EHF Champions League is extremely tough. It is really difficult to play and win all the time. We finished fourth in fantastic group with fantastic teams. Despite that, we showed that we can play and beat all the rivals, even Atletico or HSV. I am sure that they will have very tough job against us. Our big problem is that we are playing much better on the away matches. We have to solve that, if we want to go far away in the CL. It will be serious challenge to qualify for TOP 8, but everything is possible – says Karabatic:

You came back to France to repeat fantastic success from 2003, when Montpellier won EHF Champions League. Till now, you didn’t reach even F4 tournament, but you weren’t lost from the favorites (Chekhovski Medvedi and Rhein Neckar Lowen). Where is your problem?

– Ten years ago, Champions League wasn’t so strong. You had only one team per country, less games than now. It was much easier to come to the final stage. Look at now. You had fantastic all six teams in the Group, where Chekhovski didn’t qualifed for TOP 16. It is really hard to say – we will beat someone. First year, we lost in TOP 8, we were so close. We are looking further, have faith in our capabilites. I hope that Montpellier will win the EHF Champions League in the future…


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