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No interest for Lars Walther in Aalborg – Henriksen to take charge?

Danish champion Aalborg is looking for a new coach since Nikolaj Jakobsen accepted offer from German team Rhein Neckar Lowen on which bench will seat from the next season. There are many rumours about the candidates for the new coach in the best Danish team, but according to Hbold.dk for now it is clear that won’t be a former Polish Wisla Plock coach Lars Walther, who is without job since last April:

– It could be very interesting for me to back back and coach the Danish Championship, but I’m not a subject anymore. I will let Aalborg explain why, but there is no bad feelings between us – said Walther to Nordjyske.dk.

Sources in Aalborg says that Sønderjyske coach and youth NT coach Morten Henriksen is the biggest favorite to take this job.


  1. Jensen

    23. November 2013. at 20:14

    I think you are right. We don’t pay so much here in Denmark and he maybe have higher ambitions. It could have been nice to see him back home again. Maybe another time.

  2. Macek

    23. November 2013. at 15:57

    I think there was not enough money to take Lars. I think he will go to Germany.

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