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“Norway, France and Russia are TOP 3 teams for winning Japan 2019”

Norway, France and Russia are three big favorites for the winning of the Women’s IHF World Handball Championship 2019 in Japan according to opinion of betting companies…

Take a look on chances of the team which will compete in Kumamoto from Friday, November 30.


Norway Women 3.50
France Women 3.60
Russia Women 3.80
Netherlands Women 16.00
Hungary Women 21.00
Denmark Women 21.00
Montenegro Women 21.00
Sweden Women 31.00
Romania Women 34.00
Serbia Women 41.00
Spain Women 41.00
South Korea Women 51.00
Germany(W) 51.00
Germany Women 67.00
Brazil Women 81.00
Angola Women 151.00
Slovenia Women 301.00
Japan Women 501.00
Argentina Women 2001.00
China Women 2501.00
Congo Women 2501.00
Senegal Women 3001.00
Kazakhstan Women 4001.00
Cuba Women 4001.00
Australia Women 5001.00

Mandatory Credit © Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff

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  1. gya

    28. November 2019. at 22:06

    They are because Romania are missing banned players, plus Neagu is not fit. Both and Romania and the Netherlands ranked or beat Russia lately. Romania also beat Norway and Norway were not even semifinalists at the last Euro.

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