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Novak Boskovic commits suicide

The former Serbian national team member, Novak Boskovic, committed suicide early this morning in front of his house in Crvenka, Serbia.

The 29-years old right back played at Israeli Hapoel with a lot of succees in Israel in the last six-seven years and with short episodes in Slovenian Cimos Koper, Hungarian Tatabanya and Romanian Dinamo Bucharest.



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  2. RT

    4. February 2019. at 21:23

    Sad news. But it is important to say he commited suicide. We have to realize that the 1st world is creating very very sick societies. Something must change. All the social media violence, racism, consumism, all must change, so that tragedies like this don’t happen.

  3. Ernst

    3. February 2019. at 21:39

    who wrote dis aritcle? please corect and changing to died.


  4. Etka

    3. February 2019. at 17:19

    We loved him

  5. fan from Prishtina

    3. February 2019. at 13:54

    Sad news but very disrespectful heading. Please correct to just say he died. There is no need to breach his family’s privacy

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