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Olafur Stefansson moves to Qatar, joins Lakhwiya SC

Olafur Stefansson is moving to Qatar right after New Year, on the 1st of January. He will be joining the Lakhwiya Sports Club, a team that has just joined the top Qatari League and their intention is to win it immediately. He has signed a one-year deal with the Qatari’s, his manager gave details.

Lakhwiya SC has the Interior Ministry of the country as its President.



  1. Anonymous

    11. December 2012. at 18:16

    Vertu velkomin til Qatar!

  2. Bwukolli

    7. December 2012. at 21:09

    He will hopefully help Iceland in Spain and then start managing a team.

  3. Luca

    7. December 2012. at 21:03

    The lure of Petrodollars.

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