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Over 1000 votes for the World’s Best Female Player 2011 – Allison Pineau leads

Handball-Planet.com Contest for the World’s Best Female Player in 2011 attract more than 1000 fans Worldwide to vote in the openning two days .The biggest support among “Best Seven” girls this year, until now got French star, Allison Pineau with more than a half votes (57,41%) followed by Norwegian, Heidi Loke with almost 22% of all votes.

Till Saturday at 14:00 (2 P.M) Handball population across the Globe will have opportunity to give opinion. Don’t miss the chance: VOTE


Allison Pineau 57,41%
Heidi Loke 21,92%
Silvia Navarro 6,26%
Linn Jorum Sulland 5,21%
Andrea Penezic  5,01%
Carmen Martin 3,75%
Emiliya Turey 0,4%



  1. TheMack

    12. August 2012. at 16:07

    2011/2012 season is the last Bojana’s season as player
    And her performance trough whole season was simply the greatest
    Just check the stats for ZRK Bducnost and Montenegrin National squad
    National team:
    1. World Championships in Brasil- defeated by Spain in 1/8 finals (refs Bonaventura sisters pushed Norway in match against Montenegrin squad in group stages)
    2. OG Qualification tournament in Lyon – WON the tournament beating France in final match
    3. Qualifications for European Championship – finished as first in the group (Russia was second)
    4. OG final match – Great performance by Montenegrin team but sisters Bonaventura did their “magic” again
    1. National double crown (league title + cup)
    2. Regional League Title (regional league is formed by clubs from EX-Yugoslavia)
    3. European Champions 2011/2012

    U might c that Montenegrin National Team is formed mostly of players from ZRK BUDUCNOST (except for Radicevic-GYor and Jovanovic-Olchym). Budućnost coatch Adzic leads Montenegrin national team. So Buducnost = National team

    In All that competitions (National team + Club) girls lost only 7 Matches
    Find any team in any team sport that can beat this seasonal record.
    Once again that was last season of Bojana Popović (true team leader)
    No contender for Best Player Title can even come close to what Bojana did in this season (as player and as team leader)

  2. Nikola

    8. August 2012. at 17:33

    Bojana Popovic is the best. Period. And lots of periods in the future also.

  3. kelemen attila

    24. December 2011. at 09:08


  4. Emmaa

    23. December 2011. at 00:22

    Heidi Loke

  5. Hun-Nor

    22. December 2011. at 17:56

    Heidi Löke

  6. Odad

    22. December 2011. at 16:06

    Heidi Løke is the best player. She is the best striker in the world. She deserved to win <3

  7. Anonymous

    22. December 2011. at 14:34

    Heidi Løke

  8. Kristel

    22. December 2011. at 12:14

    Heidi Løke 😀

  9. lasse

    22. December 2011. at 11:55

    Camilla Herrem

  10. Emilie Margrethe

    22. December 2011. at 08:28

    Heidi Løke:)

  11. anne britt hansen

    22. December 2011. at 07:03

    Heidi Løke

  12. Amir

    21. December 2011. at 23:43

    Amanda Kurtović

  13. Håvard lorentzsen

    21. December 2011. at 23:25

    Heidi Løke

  14. Hanne

    21. December 2011. at 21:16

    I really think this award should Andrea Penezic get!
    She has been a very important part of the Croatian national team, and has been very good in the Champions Leauge this year too!
    Good in defense and very good in attack.
    She’s just a complete player!

  15. Andreas

    21. December 2011. at 21:09

    Linn Jorum Sulland

  16. maren

    21. December 2011. at 21:02

    Heidi Løke

  17. Andrea Penezic

    21. December 2011. at 21:00

    She is very good in defense and a fantastic striker.
    She’s just a complete player!
    She has also been very good in the Champions Leauge this year!
    I really think she’s the best player!
    She truly deserves this award!

  18. Kristoffer

    21. December 2011. at 20:56

    Heidi løke

  19. Stine

    21. December 2011. at 20:48

    Heidi Loke

  20. Karoline

    21. December 2011. at 20:46

    Heidi Løke 🙂

  21. Ragnhild Sande

    21. December 2011. at 20:45

    Heidi Loke

  22. Mats Bergstrøm

    21. December 2011. at 20:43

    Heidi Løke

  23. Malin Solvang

    21. December 2011. at 20:40

    Heidi Løke

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