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Pick Szeged starts preparations

With many changes in the squad, Hungarian silver medalist Pick Szeged started preparations this week for next season. Dániel Buday, Antonio Pribanic, Rajko Prodanovic and Norbert Nagy left the team while Spanish internationals Niko Mindegia and Garcia Parrondo, Bosnian giant Vladimir Vranjes and Hungarian international Ferenc Ilyés arrived.

Coach László Skaliczki has been replaced by world-class Juan Carlos Pastor, whose aide is Marko Krivokapic, brother of legendary former Pick player Milorad.

The very first training of the new season was open to the public. Approximately 1000 spectators applauded the new players while world champion coach Pastor was greeted with a standing ovation. Szeged spectators expect no less then a completely new handball style for their team.

The almost 2-hour training started with a short warm-up excercise, a mixture of handball and football. After that various tactical formations, attack- and defence variation-exercises were carried out. Coach Pastor, the ‘Mister’ participated in the whole training with great intensity, showed all the excercises and instructed every single player. After the end of the training spectators were able to take photos and get autographs from the players.

The team is now in a mountain training camp in Kopaonik, Serbia until 3 August. On 7 August they will play against RN Löwen in Germany, three days later against Temesvár in Szeged. Preparations for CL-qualifiers against Metalurg Skopje at the end of August will then continue in Szeged.

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  1. hartza0

    3. August 2013. at 13:52

    But there is an important detail that you don´t say….The coach of the Macedonian is the same than the next season and the Hungarians have changed the coach. Pastor is a great coach but his hanball is dificult to embrace and they need more time than Metalurg to works well….I think.

  2. Huge metal fan

    2. August 2013. at 21:26

    As far as I’m concerned as well the Macedonian team has lots of newbies so the situation is the same for them and they have to re-build the team-play.
    I guess these matches will be strained.

  3. hartza0

    1. August 2013. at 15:00

    Relax,”Lets be real”, don´t run too much and let us a short time to take air……..What are you going to say if Szeged wins Metalurg? I know that is dificult because they have a very short time to learn the Pastor´s sistems, but don´t look down the new transfers oh the team, tey are a very good players and I am sure they surpise you………It is not the name but the person who plays handball

  4. Huge metal fan

    1. August 2013. at 12:04

    I do not really agree with you but of course we all may have own opinions.
    As well note that the 2nd match will be in Hungary which can mean that the local fans are to chase them into victory.
    Finally I am sure that woever is going to pass to the CL the difference won’t be that enormous.

  5. Lets be real

    31. July 2013. at 09:42

    U said one more big name ??! None of those players that Szeged sign aren’t big handball names ! Metalurg is going to destroy them !

  6. Huge metal fan

    30. July 2013. at 13:10

    I expected at least 1 more big transfer for Szeged.
    Maybe this won’t be enought to get into CL.

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