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PLAYING UNDER THE MASKS IN LEON: “It was horrible experience”

BM Ademar Leon and BM Sinfin has played the first match “under the masks” in European handball. Sinfin’s playmaker Darko Dimitrievski talked for about unusual experience for which his team-mate find out only few hours before the clash in Leon…

  • Amazing situation. They told us what awaits us only four hours before the start of the match, so we could not organize even one training session in the new circumstances, in order to get at least a little used to the game under masks. Secondly, it is not clear to me how it is okay for 1,500 fans to enter the hall, and we have to play with masks on our faces. We couldn’t breathe properly, let alone communicate with each other on the field, a horrible experience. Not to mention that the mask cannot stand on the face as prescribed for more than five minutes, it is inevitable to move, so I really do not see the purpose of such a decision by the authorities. We had to change our masks every five minutes, because, logically, we sweat quickly, and that is a very ugly feeling. We go to every game with negative tests on the crown, every player of every club, otherwise, it would not be played. Then why masks? -said North Macedonian playmaker, who scored one goal in the match in Leon.
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