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Poland: Vive Kielce wins despite injury worries

Injuries didn’t stop Polish champions, who won in Kwidzyn 36:27. The hosts fought as equals only for the first twenty minutes. Due to good play of Grzegorz Tkaczyk, Vive managed to increase the lead to three goals and the result after the first part of the match was 15:18. The second half was a complete domination of the guests. Polish champions gradually increasing advantage and it was known that Vive won’t lose this meeting. Fantastic game played Rastko Stojković, who scored 13 goals throughout the match.

Vive Targi Kielce: Losert , Szmal – Jurecki 3, Stojković 13 (3), Bielecki, Lijewski 2, Zorman, Tkaczyk 7, Olafsson 5, Grabarczyk, Musa, Tomczak 4, Jachlewski, Mazur 2 (1)

MMTS Kwidzyn: Suchowicz – Mroczkowski 3, Pacześny 1, Daszek, Nogowski 1, Łangowski 2, Orzechowski 1, Peret 6, Adamuszek 5, Górski, Sadowski 5, Seroka 2, Rombel 1.”

TEXT: Ida Baran

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