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Poland: Vive Kielce wins in last match of regular season

In order to play the last match in the regular season of the Polish League, Vive Targi Kielce arrived in Głogów straight from Szeged. Local team Chrobry Głogów was able to equal Polish Champions only in the first half – for 23 minutes the result was more or less within a draw; the beginning was not too fortunate for both teams in the matter of goal scoring – there were a lot of misses. Later on Vive started gaining an advantage. In the second half they were on the lead the entire time and did not allow Chrobry to get a satisfactory result. The final result was 33:25 for Kielce. What might have been interesting, was that a young right-winger Mateusz Mazur was given a chance to play for almost entire match which was much longer than usual. The top scorer for Kielce was Denis Buntić (7) who seems to be fully recovered after the injury.

TEXT: Martyna Usnarska

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