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Polish Cup FINAL: Kielce vs Puławy

In the first semifinal of the Polish Cup Vive Targi Kielce fulfilled their favourite role and beat in Warsaw Azoty Puławy 38:32. Tomorrow the Polish champions are going to defend the title. Kielce had to manage without injured Krzysztof Lijewski, while Puławy had to play without Polish NT player Michał Szyba. The first half was not really spectacular as the play of Kielce was a little bit sloppy; only Karol Bielecki was the one to admire. It was not the best game of Ivan Čupić but Thorir Olafsson, who replaced him, did much better. The result on the eye-level was also due to the very good Vadim Bogdanov between the Puławy goalposts. Kielce started getting in lead mostly around 15. minute when coach Duyshebaev changed the whole team. Despite rather average tempo of the game, after 30 minutes Kielce gained 6 goal advantage (19:13).

First actions of the second were much faster than the entire previous half, and it was Kielce that took the better start. Even though the teams had their better and weaker moments, Vive’s victory did not seem to be endangered.

On Sunday final Kielce will face the winner of Wisła Płock vs Chrobry Głogów game.


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