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POLISH “HOLY WAR” Vive Targi Kielce wins in Plock!

First polish „Holy War” in this season won Vive Targi Kielce. Bogdan Wenta’s team was better than Wisła Płock and won by four goals 28:32 (15:14). Thanks to this victory Kielce is now the individual leader of table of polish league.

Game started with equal play of both teams. The result was around the draw and first bigger lead took Wisla in 13th minute, when Mariusz Jurkewicz scored after individual action. However Kielce were still fighting and soon they took advantage. Finally after first half hosts were winning by one goal and had good feelings about next one.

Second half started Oilers but it was not really good start for them.  Muhamed Toromanović firstly scored first goal in this half and few seconds later was punished, having two minutes suspension. After eight minutes of second part Wisła was losing three goals (17:20) and it was a key moment in this game. Although Wisła was trying to won in last minutes, Vive was much better. The problem of Płock team was injuries that freeze out Marcin Lijewski. As Manolo Cadenas said, his team played two different halves and second one was much worse than first one.

Wisła: M.Wichary (36% 4/11, 1/3 k), M.Šego (28% 9/27, 0/5 k) – A.Wiśniewski(1), I.Nikčević, V.Ghionea(8, 1/2k), Z.Kwiatkowski, M.Toromanović(1), K.Syprzak(2, 0/1k), B.Kavaš(2), M.Jurkiewicz(9), P.Paczkowski(1), N.Eklemović(1), P.Nenadić(3, 0/1k)

Vive Targi: V.Losert (29% 9/35, 2/3 k) – M.Jachlewski(1), M.Štrlek, I.Čupić(8, 3/4k), Ž.Musa(2), J.Aguinagalde(7, 4/4k), P.Grabarczyk, M.Jurecki(5), G.Tkaczyk, P.Chrapkowski, K.Lijewski(4), D.Buntić, U.Zorman(5)




  1. Miko

    7. October 2013. at 14:14

    Nothing changed since last year 🙂

  2. PLee

    7. October 2013. at 09:43

    Next match will be ours! Wisła Płock is the best!

  3. Dante

    6. October 2013. at 19:39

  4. kielce

    6. October 2013. at 14:37


  5. WislaFans

    6. October 2013. at 10:40

  6. tom

    6. October 2013. at 10:39

    cong. from nottingham, vive played like champion and improve again who is the best handball mens team in poland

  7. hartza0

    6. October 2013. at 10:32

    Is it true that Julen Aginagalde shot 4 from 7m?

  8. hartza0

    6. October 2013. at 10:26

    Congratulations for my friend Mariusz Jurkiewicz. They lost yesterday but I think Mariusz is living his better year playing handball since he played for Arrate with Viktor Debre like coach. I think Viktor knew to understand the handball that Mariusz has into himself and Cadenas have done the same thing…….Ok Mariusz, continue in this way and enjoy your handball. You are a very great player, not only for defending but also in attack and we can see it again like when you was junior with Poland or you played for Arrate.

  9. fan

    5. October 2013. at 20:31


  10. Jutta

    5. October 2013. at 20:30

    But Bogdan also didnt use many of his players. So its a bad excuse for a defeat. Plock played to individually. Congratulations for Kielce and Bogdan .From Magdeburg

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