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Problems for Vive Kielce: Cupic and Buntic out three months

Ivan Cupic‘s injury is more serious than previously predicted. His shoulder injury in the game against Slovenia now means that the player needs to undergo surgery the latest reports say. The operation and the rehabilitation would mean that the minimum time out is about three months.

Another Vive Kielce player got seriously injured. Denis Buntic broke his arm in an apparent fight at a club. The club apparently wants the contract cancelled, while Buntic himself says that he had to defend his friend. All will be cleared very soon. The only thing known is that Denis Buntic will be out for about three means.

This will give huge headache to Bogdan Wenta as the three Croatians (Strlek also), are to be out at least two more months, which means some of the knockout matches in the Champions League as well.

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