Rafael Guijosa take a job in BM Toledo

Former coach of Alcobendas, legendary left wing of Spanish national team, Rafael Guijosa become a third coach of BM Toledo in this season. He came as a replacement for Jorge Liébana, who took this role from Lithuanian coach, Astrauskas in November 2010. Despite the problems with money, Toledo is in the “red zone” with Alcobendas, with just seven points after 23 Rounds of ASOBAL. Chances for survival still exist. Arrate has just two points more, so battle for relegation is still open.

1 FC Barcelona Borges 46
2 Renovalia Ciudad Real 40
3 Fraikin Granollers 34
4 Reale Ademar 33
5 Cuatro Rayas Valladolid* 31
6 CAI BM. Aragón * 28
7 Amaya Sport San Antonio 26
8 Cuenca 2016 22
9 Naturhouse La Rioja 20
10 BM. Antequera* 17
11 BM. Torrevieja* 16
12 Quabit BM Guadalajara 13
13 Alser-BM Puerto Sagunto* 13
14 J.D. Arrate* 9
15 Lábaro Toledo BM* 7
16 BM Alcobendas* 5
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