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Rampant RNL smash MT Melsungen

Despite a lot of good signings in the last two seasons, MT Melsungen are still far away from the leading teams of DKB Bundesliga. That proved the last night away challenge at SAP Arena in Mannheim, where domestic Rhein Neckar Lowen have been too strong for Heiko Grimm’s squad.

Rhein-Neckar Löwen – MT Melsungen 34:26 (17:13)

Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Appelgren, Palicka; Schmid (8/1), Lipovina, Sigurdsson (6/5), Radivojevic, Tollbring, Abutovic, Mensah (2), Fäth (4), Groetzki (2), Taleski, Guardiola, Petersson (6), Nielsen, Kohlbacher (6)

MT Melsungen: Sjöstrand, Simic; Maric (3), Kühn (6), Lemke, Ignatow, Kunkel (2), Mikkelsen (3/2), Danner, P. Müller, Schneider, Allendorf, Birkefeld (6), M. Müller (4), Pavlovic (2)

Furious Flensburg win in Berlin – Magdeburg on 3/3 after Wetzlar


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