Regional league with 16 clubs from 7 countries – to start 23rd August 2011!

A regional league for men will be played starting from the next season. A total of 16 clubs from 7 countries (all countries of Former Yugoslavia and Hungary, or in details – 3 from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, and 2 from Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia) will take part in the competition. It will be played by the two-round point system, and will be concluded with a “Final Four”. The beginning is scheduled for the 23rd of August 2011, while the finish is planned for 31st March. All the teams would, after that, join the end of their domestic championships.

On the conference for media, representatives from all the federations were present.  All of them expressed their satisfaction with the arrangement of this competition, and that it will only bring quality to the region’s handball, and from which will benefit all the countries, and the spectators will have an opportunity to watch world class handball, and only the winner will have the right to keep it’s place in the regional league, regardless of its position in the domestic league.

The sponsor is to be Sparkasse Bank. The official signatures between the sponsor and the federations are to be signed in December in a meeting in Sarajevo. The yearly sponsorship is to be about 400,000 euros, and is to cover all the expenses of the competition.



  1. luka39

    16. November 2010. at 19:59

    U pravu si, bice tako.. Probao je protiv Kila 2008 i izvukao nerijeseno ali je dobio svoje u Kielu kad su ih nabusili 7 razlike.. Zato ce ovdje da se sere u sve

  2. nino p

    9. November 2010. at 13:39

    Great thing for handball! Single, but serious fear – head office in Zagreb under control of Zdravko Gobac, the man who rules behind the curtain. He plays only where he can impose his power and his style of managing he is famous for. He cannot impose his power on THW Kiel, nor any such team, so the region will become his batter-field. One can expect lot of dirty games, corrupted referees, prearranged results and so on, and so on … 🙁

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