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Rivera: Thank you all – Wilbek didn’t show up on PRESS conference

Danish coach Ulrik Wilbek didn’t appear to the press conference after the shocking defeat of his team in the WCH 2013 Final against Spain. Instead of him spoke Finn Tage Jensen, press responsible Denmark:

– On behalf of our coach Ulrik Wilbek I give the following statement: “I am very disappointed with the defeat, the result and the way we played. Nothing really succeeded today. After eight victories before we deserve the silver medal, as Spain took a really convincing victory today. Congratulations to them.”

Valero Rivera (Coach Spain): We have worked four years for this success, so I have to thank all my players for their hard work, those players, who lost the dramatic Olympic quarter-final, those players, who could not be on the court today like Hombrados, Ugalde or Raul Entrerrios. Especially I have to thank team captain Alberto Entrerrios, who had his comeback after not being nominated for the Olympics at this World Championship – and became World Champion in his last international match. Thanks also to all people who helped us in the last four years, when we had setbacks. The audience today was wonderful – in a match about which the people will talk in 20 years still, with a result I never have seen on a scoreboard in a decisive game in my whole life. This was an incredible experience. It was the best thing to celebrate this victory with my friends and family in my home town Barcelona. Playing at home was big plus and we could stop Denmark playing as they wanted, we just stopped them. Denmark did not even try to reduce the result in the second half. Especially in the first half the defence and goalkeeping were unbelievable and we led by 18:10 at the break.

Alberto Entrerrios, team captain Spain: This was a very special day for me. I am very happy and delighted, not only to win the gold medal to end my international career in this way. I thank all team mates, the staff and coach Valero Rivera – but also my friends and family, who supported me, especially my brother Raul, who could not be on the court today.

Niklas Landin, goalkeeper Denmark: Congratulations to Spain for a brilliant victory and tournament. The last ten minutes before the break were our worst ten minutes in this tournament. I hope we will be back next year.

source: ihf.info

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