Romanians waiting 22 years for EHF EURO: Handball is our national sport

Xavi Pascual put Romania on fire! Spanish coach began his adventure with Romanian national team in classy style with two wins over Belarus in Minsk and Poland in Cluj – 28:23. That gives Romanian a lot of chances to qualify for the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia after 22 years of absence from the European stage.

Romania – Poland 28-23 (11-9)

Popescu, Irimuş, Cîntec 4, Mocanu 5, Ramba 5, Mihalcea, Ghionea 1, Sadoveac 1, Negru, Csepreghi 4, Lazăr, Rotaru 1, Fenici, Pavel 3, Criciotoiu 3, Stamate 1.

Szaml, Wyszomirski, Dacko 2, K. Lijewski 3, Lyzwa, Jachlewski 2, Bielecki 5, Kus 1, Jurkiewicz 3, Syprzak 1, Daszek 1, Gebala, Przybylski 1, Paczkowski 2, Gierak, Gebala 2.

President of Romanian Handball Federation Alexandru Dedu praises everything linked with last EHF week in talk for

  • We beat Poland, the bronze medal winners from Qatar and fourth at Olympics in Rio. It’s an incredible result and we are first in perhaps the toughest group. We don’t what the outcome will be, but I have great confidence in these boys. Tomorrow is another day, but we work that every Romanian can be proud of handball – national sport!

Belarus beat Serbia 36:27 in front of 4.500 fans in Serbian city of Nis for complete madness in the group.

Romania 4
Belarus 2
Serbia 2
Poland 0

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