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Rutenka’s body-check or Karabatic’s acting?

One of the best player of F.C Barcelona, Serhei Rutenka is in danger to miss the EHF Champions League 1/4 Final match against AG Copenhagen because of direct red card in previous clash with HC Montpellier. Rutenka was excluded because of foul on Nikola Karabatic. We want to hear your opinion. Was that real body-check or just Karabatic has talent in acting?









  1. Michael Bernhard

    30. March 2012. at 15:55

    I forgot, I saw Rutenka several times in Kiel and he is a magnificent actor.

  2. Michael Bernhard

    30. March 2012. at 15:52

    If one looks that video, there is one sequence where one clearly can, that Rutenka uses both feasts to slam Nicola down. He has his feasts close to his body and run into Nicola. For me it is a clear indication, that Rutenka wants to slam Nicola down. I often saw Nicola playing for THW Kiel, and for that reason, I know for shure, Nicola is no actor. He is a tough guy and he feels no pain if he´s not hit.

  3. jordi

    30. March 2012. at 10:07

    Karabatic is currently a phantom walking over the field. Rutenka did wrong but Karabatic did a very good performance. He should be nominated to Oscar.

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