SEHA “BEST 7” FOR OCTOBER DECIDED: Dvorsek best coach

Second month of playing SEHA GSS league is behind us. Things that have marked it are surely Tatran Prešov’s wins against Vardar and Metalurg in Skopje which have helped Zagreb to return back on league’s top after winning two great matches against Tatran and Vardar and losing one to Meshkov. On the other side, NEXE has by winning a point in Skopje against Metalurg, probably made the biggest surprise in this year’s SEHA league. SEHA’s PRESS team has picked ‘Best 7’ and interesting is the fact that it has 2 players who were also in in the September’s choosing. Those are Tatran’s right winger Urban and Vardar’s left winger Dibirov.


Jakub Krupa (Tatran)

Made the best he could out of time on Tatran’s goal he got after Verkić’s injury.

Left wing

Timur Dibirov (Vardar)

Easiness of playing and scoring is, again, meking him the biggest star of the league.

Right wing

Tomas Urban (Tatran)

Great comeback for him this season. Tatran is surely more dangerous with him on court.


Marin Sakić (Nexe)

NEXE is playing well and Mrđenović has in former Zamet’s player got great and efficient associate on the 6-meter line.

Left back

Stipe Mandalinić (CO Zagreb)

Great Zagreb’s shooter was almost perfect against Tatran, Vojvodina and Vardar which maybe even makes him the best player of the month.

Middle back

Žarko Pejović (Tatran)

Last year defensive player, this year dangerous attacker. Great discovery and refreshment from coach Hatalcik.

Right back

Šime Ivić (Nexe)

Croatian junior national team player is playing better each game and has continuity of good games which, as we can see, is making NEXE more better too.


Boris Dvoršek (CO Zagreb)

Zagreb is the leading team of the SEHA league and has, by all injuries, made a great job which means Dvoršek made a really good team.

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