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SEHA GAZPROM team in February 16: Alilović, Dibirov, Atman, Nilsson…

With 15 matches played in February, SEHA Gazprom PRESS team has picked the best from the month behind us. Lineup mostly consists of players from Meshkov, Veszprem and Vardar which played on the highest level through last 30 days. This trio has combined 11 victories in the same number of matches. One Vojvodina player has also managed to find his place among the best in a month in which Vojvodina did not lose a match – best one of the season for them.

Goalkeeper Mirko Alilović (MVM Veszprem)

In the second part of the season, Alilović has, after the bronze from EURO in Poland, managed to keep up the rhytm on Veszprems goal, set by Roland Mikler in the first part of the season. In the match against Strumica he had 22 saves!

Left winger Timur Dibirov (Vardar)

He did not play much but he played amazingly. 7/10 against Borac, perfecting shooting rate against NEXE in Našice. He is in a great shape after EURO and with such Dibirov Vardar is favorite against every team.

Right winger Strahinja Stanković (Vojvodina)

Right winger from Novi Sad does not have Dibirov’ statistics but his role in the team which has managed to reach 4 points last month was huge. 4 against Borac in a victory in Banja Luka and 2 against Tatran in a stunner draw. Big time performances after EURO for Stanković too.

Pivot Andreas Nilsson (MVM Veszprem)

Swedish pivot has had multiple great performances in the month behind us but most amazing was the one against Strumica in which he scored 11 goals from 12 attempts. Nilsson is doing an amazing job in Veszprem and is surely giving Sulić a bit more time to rest this season. That’s one of the reasons for Veszprem’ dominant performances in both SEHA League and Champions League.

Left back Pavel Atman (Meshkov)

Outstanding in Prešov against Tatran with 6 goals. In other three matches last month he was also Meshkovs key player. Since he has become first team player, Meshkov looks unbeatable. His fast flowing handball is a big refreshment for the team from Brest.

Middle back Luka Cindrić (Vardar)

EURO in Poland in Croatian national team jersey was quite new for him just like the role he was forced to take in Vardar after Karačić surgery. Brilliant with 11 goals against NEXE in Našice, and the day before he was leading his team in Banja Luka with 6.

Right back Dainis Kristopans (Meshkov)

Meshkov has remarkable duo on the right side with Shylovich and Kristopans sharing minutes. Last month Shylovich was in charge and now Kristopans took over. Latvian giant was leading the team with 6 in the hardest match of the month in Našice.

Coach Sergey Bebeshko (Meshkov) 

When a team catches five victories in five matches playing really good and when you add some great performances from Champions League to that, then we can say that Sergey Bebeshko, the coach of Meshkov Brest has really deserved ‘coach of the month’ award stating that he is coming to Varaždin to F4 with high ambitions.

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