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SHF President, Marjanovic confident: “We want a Medal”

President of the Serbian Handball Federation, Velimir Marjanovic is very confident on the beginning of the historical Handball Event for Serbia – EHF EURO 2012:

– Since we got the Championship, our goal doesn’t change. We want a medal. That isn’t some kind of a load for the coach or players, because we don’t have another team or better players.  We have to keep this time, whatever he made in Serbia. We have to ensure continuity, to achieve 100, 150 appearance as rivals. Responsibility is on the Federation and President, not on coach and the players. Our sports institution want to see us at the Olympic Games, but our goal is also to win a medal. We have a faith in the quality of our team and tough time we past in the last five years – said Marjanovic.

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