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SHOT-CLOCK test match in Belgrade on Wednesday

This Wednesday evening the handball temple Banjica will host a friendly match between RK Novi Beograd and URK Studentski Grad, which will be used for experimental testing of some new rules. Guided by our wish to make community see handball in a different light and thus confirm some positive thoughts from the other side, and to drop some theories as well; and motivated by further handball development, applauds the idea and will be doing media coverage for this event.

Two teams from Belgrade – both known for quality work with youth categories, will play each other for purposes of the experiment, meaning that they will play match with timed attacks. The game will be played 3 x 20 minutes, and the time of attack will vary from period to period, which later would help drawing different conclusions.

Another innovation is: substitutions will be available only when team’s in possession of ball.

„These innovations will help us see in which direction changing of the rules might lead handball game. Personally, I’m up for limiting attacks by time, and I also like this regulating substitutions rule… it would make every player trained equally both for attack and defence“, were the words of Nikola Maksimović, HC New Belgrade’s coach.

Former international player, current coach of „Students“ – Miroslav Simić, supports the idea of organizing match by experimental rules:

„We should have more of these actions. I hope we’ll play one nice game and test all the stuff that’s been talked about. Our aim is handball prosperity“

Students will have support from several experienced players from other clubs, considering the fact that they’re lacking some of their players.

All trainers, referees, journalists and players are invited to come to Banjica, watch the match and give their views.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. José Luis

    7. May 2014. at 10:52

    I’m totally agree with this actions that can improve our Sport, Handball…
    I would like to propose another change in rules that for me is very important, limited fouls per player, 7/8/10, etc, I don’t know where to put the limit, but there must be a limit, like in Basketball…
    Our Sport would be much more fast, atractive, and fairplayed, with limited fouls and limited time when attacking, it’s my opinión…

    Best whises from Spain!!!

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