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Spain beat Brazil in thriller!

Spain secured quarter-final spot the fourth time in a row at World Championships! It was much harder than it was expected in thriller over Brazil 28:27 (16:18). The host team of Rio Olympic Games had 20:17 in 37th minute against their former teacher, now Spanish NT coach Jordi Ribera, but experienced Spanish team managed to come-back and win in tight finish…

28 – Spain: Pérez de Vargas (Corrales); Ángel Fdez. (3), Dujshebaev (5), Cañellas (5), Morros, G. Guardiola, Balaguer (4); Gurbindo, R. Entererríos (1), Tomás, Sarmiento (1), J. Aginagalde (5), Goñi, Rivera (4, 1p).

27 – Brasil: Almeida (1) (Santos); Silva (6), Toledo (3), Pozzer (4), Chiuffa (5, 3p), Novais (2), Langaro (5); Teixeira, Guimaraes, Ponciano, Dutra.

PHOTO: Jozo Čabraja, HRS (Hrvatski rukometni Savez)

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