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EURO 2012

Stefan Lovgren for HP: “Swedish problem is self-confidence”

He was one of the best left back which Handball ever had. Now as the part of the Swedish National Team, Stefan Lovgren hadn’t such a lot reasons to be satisfied after the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia, where Sweden finished at the bottom of the Main Round teams, 12th:

– Sweden are very satisfied with everything, just not with our Handball performance presented in Serbia. Organisation was really good.

After good result in Sweden at WCh, where you took fourth place, again Sweden had an average tournament…

– It looks like that, but this is EURO Championship, very tough tournament. We aren’t such a big country to have 15 or 20 World Class Players, , we have 5 or 6. To make a good result, they have to make TOP performance, but we also had some injuries and other problems. That’s how it is. Team doesn’t manage to play on the last year level.

Do players have problem with motivation?

– I don’t think so, but I can understand the question. They are a  little bit unsure, because, we have younger team than last year. Motivation isn’t problem, but self-confidence is.

This Championship will be remembered as the End of the French Era….

– Maybe this isn’t the end of French trophies and medals, but for sure, fantastic domination is finished. Let’s see first,what will happened at the Olympic Games. I am sure that they will win something – said legendary player for

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