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GER/DEN 2019

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Brazil beat Croatia!

Brazilian handball team took the biggest scalp in handball history by beating Croatia 29:26 (17:13) in the first match of Main Round in Cologne. Risky tactics of Croatian coach Lino Cervar, who played 7 on 6 without goalkeeper from the beginning of the match, wasn’t successful.

Brazilians netted eight goals in total in empty net and make advantage in the first half which they kept until the end…

Brazil-Croatia 29-26 (17-13)

Brazil: Haniel Langaro 9, Felipe Borges 5, Alexandro Pozzer 3, Jose Toledo 3, Vinicius Teixeira 3, Rudolph Hackbarth 2, Leonardo Tercariol 1, Cesar Almeida 1, Thiagus Santos 1, Fabio Chiuffa 1.

Croatia: Domagoj Duvnjak 6, Luka Stepancic 5, Zlatko Horvat 5, Manuel Strlek 5, Igor Karacic 1, Zeljko Musa 1, Jakov Vrankovic 1, Marin Sipic 1, Luka Cindric 1.

France 5
Germany 5
Croatia 4
Spain 2
Brazil 2
Iceland 0

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