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THW Kiel director Thorsten Storm about bad start: Team has to work harder

THW Kiel director Thorsten Storm is still ambitious regarding current season in which “Zebras” are defeated twice in the first ten days of September against “non-TOP 3” teams. Firstly Hannover at home, and then, MT Melsungen in Kassel, were strong for Alfred Gislason and his boys, which are looking for DKB Bundesliga title after two years of Rhein Neckar Lowen domination.

Storm gives support to Icelandic coach and his work:

  • Team and coach didn’t make tactical mistakes. They need to work harder. There is no discussion about personalities. The whole team has to perform better, left wings than rival’s right wings, goalkeepers better than both from other side, nevermind, will they play five or 55 minutes – said Storm for Kieler Nachrichten.

DEFEATED AGAIN: MT Melsungen beat THW Kiel!

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