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THW Kiel wins German Cup; celebrates Double Crown!

THW Kiel won their 8th Cup Victory Sunday, after a 33:31 (15:15) win over North-German rivals Flensburg. In the Hamburger O2 Arena, the Kiel trio Jicha-Andersson-Narcisse combined for total of 25 goals for Kiel, while Flensburg had brilliant Andersson on the goal with 19 saves, but was not enough.

Flensburg started the game furiously, taking 4:1 lead in the 7th minute thanks to Andersson. The first THW Kiel lead came in the 21st minute through Dominik Klein goal for 10:9, with the score at the half time being 15:15. Flensburg kept pressure until 22:21 for the Kieler side, but then with goals from Narcisse, Jicha and Andersson THW Kiel made it 25:21, and when everyone thought it’ll be easy ending for the Gislasson side, Flensburg fought back and had only 1 goal negative, 29:28 in the 56th minute. But then Narcisse and Jicha score, and the score is 31:28 in the 58th minute, and the victory goes for Kiel, winning the double crown in Germany, as they have previously won the Bundesliga already, having no defeat so far.

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