Toft Hansen – Dragicevic exchange deal of AG Copenhagen and THW Kiel?

Serbian line player, Milutin Dragicevic (29) will definitely leave THW Kiel just after one season at the Baltic Sea. As the best player of the Danish championship in the T-shirts of the BSV Silkeborg named “Hercules” because of his strength and power, Dragicevic came to THW Kiel on the four season contract basis, but he didn’t found himself in the team with the biggest ambitions.

THW coach, Alfred Gislason announced that he wants “200 cm tall line player” and that he wasn’t in the club, when contract with Dragicevic was signed (time of Noka Serdarusic and Schwenker).  Meanwhile, Dragicevic changed the diet regime, so he lost five kilos in the last 12 months. Dragicevic said that he was proud that he was part of the team, but he and his family will feel better in some other environment with less results pressure.

Only but the big problem is that Dragicevic has three years contract with the team, which weight is about 900.000 Euro.  Freedom is expensive as also team’s mistakes, so THW is trying to find another solution. German and Danish media wrote about exchange among THW Kiel and AG Copenhagen. A new Danish handball star, Rene Toft Hansen, who has signed contract with THW Kiel from 2012 has to come this summer to the “Zebras” while Dragicevic will become a member of the Danish champion, who has great ambition in the EHF Champions League next season.

Is that true, we will find out in the next few days…

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