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TOP 10 Handball derby matches: THW Kiel – SG Flensburg, the biggest one! presents you the list of the biggest handball derby matches across Europe.


This match has all features to be classified as the biggest derby match in handball. Two cities in the neighborhood from the area, where handball is the most popular sport, probably in the whole World. Two teams from the best League in the World, played against each other, Champions League and Cup EHF finals. The halls are always full, even now, when is Kiel clearly better. Even a book about the clashes between the North Germans exists…


2.  MKB Veszprem – Pick Szeged

Hungarian derby match, very interesting one, has the respect of all the handball fans in Europe. Two cities where handball is loved and two sports team among the best teams in Europe for a decade. Few years ago, atmosphere went out of the “handball box”. Pick Szeged was on TOP in 2007. We had almost “war on the court”, among players, but after the tragic death of Marian Cozma, everything became again peaceful…

3.  F.C Barcelona – Atletico Madrid

Barcelona against Madrid. No matter, how small Ciudad Real was, many years they were better than the biggest team in the World of Sports. Many fantastic matches behind us and many of them will make us happy…

4.  Montpellier – Chambery

Even Montpellier was clearly better in the last decade, there was some point, when Chambery managed to show their capability to conquer France. Last season was interesting. We hope that the next one will be as interesting…

4.  Celje PL – Gorenje

Two stable teams on European level for the last 20 years, Celje and Velenje 20 km away from one another, built strong rivalry on domestic level.  “Florijani” and “Saleski Grascaki”, two official fans group made these matches something special…

6.  Orlen Wisla Plock – Vive Targi Kielce

Polish euphoria by the handball give us a pleasure to enjoy fantastic clashes between Wisla and Vive. Good players, enthusiastic fans. Two growing teams with the highest ambition guarantee interesting years ahead.  It is just a question of time, when will Poland have two teams in the EHF Champions League.

7. Porto – Sporting Lisbon

Handball is Portugal is strongly connected with the football. Porto and Sporting are the two most successful handball teams in the history, while Benfica now has more reasons to be known as “Porto’s enemy”.

8. Vardar – Metalurg Skopje

In Macedonia, there are three famous teams. Pelister Bitola, from the time of Former Yugoslavia lost its position. Now, Skopje’s derby is the most important. Vardar against Metalurg, two halls, Vujovic against Cervar, two ambitious presidents among the richest in the whole country, Mihajlovski against Jordanov.

9. AG Copenhagen – BSV SIlkeborg

Most visited handball match in the history was the game between newly formed, AG Copenhagen and BSV Silkeborg. Hopefully,there will be a lot of that kind of matches in the following years…

10.  Crvena zvezda – Partizan

The best known for their football or basketball sections, Serbian teams have from season to season stronger rivalry among each other. Despite the fact that they don’t have enough money to be competitive on European level, fans make from this match something special…

photo: sg-flensburg



  1. Stefan Skopje

    1. September 2011. at 16:13

    stupid bitola people, maybe youre the best fans in makedonija for handball but METALURG SKOPJE has over 250 fans and a lot of supporters, so dont lie to this people about your stupid old timer team pelister from the village of bitola… SKOPJE KOMPLEKS :*

  2. tomipelister bitola

    1. September 2011. at 11:36

    looll “pelister from former jugoslavia?? haha u must kiddin me.. pelister is team with number 1 handbal fans in the world!! bitola like city is city who live for handball and hc pelister,pelister was number 1 team in mk and after jugoslavia in 90’s.. METALURG is team woth almost 100 suporters and is nothing,derby isnt money derbi is FANS,SUPORTERS AND LOVE FOR HANDBALL

    one simple video from tjhe best handbal fans in thw world

  3. buhahah

    1. August 2011. at 22:50

    ło, macie tam w płocku youtuba nawet;D

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