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TOP 10 “MISSED TARGETS” 2013/2014: Csaszar, Gojun, Kraus, “Air France”…

The last month of the season is the right time to present the TOP 10 list of “missed targets” – transfers which showed no valuable for the teams. It is questionable, whether teams made mistakes or these players need time to adapt, but season 2013/2014 wasn’t good enough for them to “avoid” this list…


1.Gabor Csaszar (Veszprem – PSG Handball)

Hungarian NT playmaker will remember year 2012 as the best of his life. He played in fantastic form for Hungary at EURO 2012 and Olympic Games in London, but after that his form began to fall down. He couldn’t find himself in the system of Antonio Carlos Ortega, but words of critics weren’t enough to build self-confidence and show even a piece of his potential in PSG Handball. Csaszar went to France as a big name, but only 4 goals at whole EHF CL season speaking a lot about it…

2. Jakov Gojun (BM Atletico Madrid – PSG Handball)

Another „star“ of PSG Handball didn’t find himself in the city of Light. Defensive specialist of Atletico Madrid and Croatia lost his place in the middle of the defense, who was one of the weakest part of the Gardient’s squad. Gojun is the player in the best ages and he must to do better…

3. Michael Kraus (HSV Handball – FA Goppingen)

His goals have secured the EHF CL title of HSV Handball last June, but action called „back to the roots“ wasn’t successful. Kraus didn’t get back in the form with his „handball father“ Velimir Petkovic, who lost the job after only three months of the season due sensationaly bad results of his players. World and EHF CL champion, Mimi Kraus became just a part of 13th squad of Bundesliga…

4. Angel Montoro (FC Barcelona – Toulouse)

Yes, he lost the place in Barcelona after Kiril Lazarov signed deal, but Angel Montoro couldn’t find himself on loan in French Toulouse. He stayed there only six months, when Manolo Cadenas expressed will to get him back on the track in Wisla Plock…

5. Borut Mackovsek (RK Celje PL – TSV Hannover Burgdorf)

Slovenian „wunderkind“ left Germany after only six months in Hannover. He was one of the „hottest transfer stories“ of the last summer, Flensburg and Hannover fought about him, but he didn’t show how big talent is. Slovenian NT coach Boris Denic took him to Dinamo Minsk to try to „wake him up“, but project in Belarus collapsed. Mackovsek next station is Montpellier, still is one of the most promising European left backs in generation 1992, but the fact is that he missed the first chance…

6. Petar Djordjic (SG Flensburg – HSV Handball)

Despite the re-rupture of his knee ligaments in the last part of the season, 9 months of the healthy period not convinced us that Petar Djordjic could be a real successor of Domagoj Duvnjak. Djordjic was more „bench guy“ than in Flensburg, where he reached the TOP level. It is obvious that he has potential to become a great player, but we haven’t seen too much in HSV „trikot“…

7. Zarko Markovic (FA Goppingen – HSV Handball)

Ex-Montenegrian and probably the future Qatari NT right back had just an episode in Hamburg after good seasons in RK Metalurg and Frisch Auf Goppingen.

8. Arnor Atlason (SG Flensburg – Saint Raphael)

The first big name in Saint Raphael could give more to his team in the first season. Icelandic left back has impressive CV with AG Copenhagen and SG Flensburg, but his first season in France wasn’t among the best in his career…

9. Daniel Narcisse (THW Kiel – PSG Handball)

“Air France” was just a part of an average team who didn’t reach the limit. He didn’t “make a change” on the court…

10. Mikel Aguirrezabalaga (FC Barcelona – Dinamo Minsk – Eisenach)

The name of Spanish left back with experience of playing in Barcelona and Spanish NT (25 appearances) was good enough reason for the fans in Belarus and Germany to think about nice period ahead. Mikel left Dinamo Minsk after only six months and wasn’t helpful to Eisenach to stay at Bundesliga…


  1. BN

    13. May 2014. at 01:52

    The problem with PSG is their weak coach, lack of agressive defence and only average Goalkeepers.
    But really… sack the coach he is just terrible.

  2. Erwann De Kevadec

    10. May 2014. at 02:28

    None of the 5 new players in PSG did good this year.
    Csazar, Narcisse, Vori, Gojun and Melic were supposed to make the team stronger … but the opposite happened!
    The 2012-2013 team was a bit stronger (even though it did play the CL).
    “On the paper” and with their national team, the players are good, but within the PSG team, something is not working. The defense is a VERY BIG problem, the goalkeepers are average if not weak.

  3. Huge metal fan

    8. May 2014. at 11:51

    I hope Csaszar will get back to the right way. He should be a real star for now… not sure what happened.

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