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TOP 10 “missed targets” 2014/2015: Snorri, Cyril, Zeitz, Prince William…

The last week of the current season  are the right moment to present our TOP 10 list of the “missed targets” – transfers which showed no valuable for the teams in the season behind us. Every year is the same. After list of the “BEST BUY”, announcing the list of “missed targets”, the group of players who didn’t fullfill expectations in their new teams based on their quality and rich international experience.

It is questionable, whether teams made mistakes or these players need more time to adapt, but season 2014/2015 wasn’t good enough for certain names to “avoid” our yearly list.


1. Snorri Gudjonsson (GOG Handball – Selestat)
2. Cyril Dumoulin (Chambery Savoie – Toulouse Fenix)
3. Christian Zeitz (THW Kiel – MKB MVM Veszprem)
4. William Accambray (Montpellier HC – PSG HAndball)
5. Isais Guardiola (Rhein Neckar Lowen – Aalborg)
6. Denis Shiskarev (Chekhovskie Medvedi – RK Vardar Skopje)
7. Esper Li Hansen ( US Dunkerque – SC Magdeburg)
8. Wael Jallouz (THW Kiel – FC Barcelona)
9. Blazenko Lackovic (HSV HAndball – RK Vardar Skopje)
10. Borut Mackovsek (Dinamo Minsk – Montpellier)



  1. Petr

    18. August 2015. at 12:14

    Maybe Zeitz was only substitute player of Laszlo Nagy but he was great when Nagy was injured for example he shots 10 goal against Szeged:
    Spanish style handball of Veszprem was quite new for him but he is still a great player.

  2. Vardar fan

    13. June 2015. at 01:35

    Adding Shiskarev on the list Is a big mistake, he did really well In Vardar this season

  3. manuel

    12. June 2015. at 16:14

    9. Blazenko Lackovic (HSV HAndball – RK Vardar Skopje)


    4. William Accambray (Montpellier HC – PSG HAndball)
    some excelent matches in the EHF CL

  4. Petur

    11. June 2015. at 20:03

    Snorri Steinn Guðjónsson did not have such a bad season being as I understand the top goal scorer of his team which is just a bonus considering he is first and foremost a playmaker and now he has according to new already transferred to a stronger team!

  5. Nikola Nastevski

    10. June 2015. at 13:03

    Shiskarev…you must be out of your mind

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