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TOP 20 EHF CL scorers (2006-2011): Kiril Lazarov – “The King of shooters”

It is a time to see, who were the best scorers in the last five seasons (2006-2011) of the Men’s EHF Champions League. Interesting lists, which can give us a better picture about the players – leaders of their teams in second part of the last decade in the best handball competition.  In TOP 20 best scorers of EHF CL are  just two line players, eight wings and 10 back players. Here are also nine left handed players and except Toma and Christiansen, all of them coming from very TOP European teams.

The King of all shooters is Macedonian star, Kiril Lazarov, who scored 393 goals in T-shirts of MKB Veszprem, C.O Zagreb and this season, Renovalia Ciudad Real.

TOP 20 Men’s EHF Champions League scorers (2006-2011):

1. Kiril Lazarov (BM Renovalia Ciudad Real) 393
2. Nikola Karabatić (Montpellier) 346
3. Filip Jicha (THW Kiel) 326
4. Vid Kavtičnik (Montpellier) 305
5. Lars Christiansen (KIF Kolding) 285
6. Serhei Rutenka (FC Barcelona) 281
7. Marcus Ahlm (THW Kiel) 278
8.  Iker Romero (F.C Barcelona) 268
9. Marko Vujin (MKB Veszprem) 252
10.  Olafur Stefansson (Rhein Neckar Lowen) 248
11. Timur Dibirov (Chehovski Medvedi) 245
12.  Konstantin Igropulo (F.C Barcelona) 239
13.  Dmitry Kovalev (Chehovski Medvedi) 219
14. Garcia Lorenzana (F.C Barcelona) 219
15. Blaženko Lacković (HSV Hamburg) 217
16. Hans Lindberg (HSV Hamburg) 216
17. Jesper Noedesbo (F.C Barcelona) 216
18. Marcin Lijewski (HSV Hamburg) 214
19. Laurentiu Toma (HCM Constanta) 213
20. Luc Abalo (BM Renovalia Ciudad Real) 212


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1 Comment

  1. Dejan

    14. April 2011. at 00:57

    messi in football = lazarov in handball

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