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Ugly prejudices about the handball fans from Balkan

Danish spectators at the EHF EURO 2010 give 100% of their effort to help their national team at the road to the Final, but this way of supporting don’t like vice president of EHF and director of EHF EURO 2010, Jean Brihault, full of prejudices about Balkan sports fan:

– For the first time I have during Euro competition experienced a Danish audience, who protesting against opponents. It is Balkan-style, and it does not fit the Danish mentality. I would not urge the Danish audience to go in that direction now, “Jean Brihault according

From an idealistic perspective, DHF-director Morten Stig Christensen totally agree with the French vice president of EHF.

– I think that Jean Brihault”s fear from the Balkans, where you sometimes have fear and violence, but it will never happen in Denmark.

Danish national coach, Jan Pytlick, doesn’t agree with Brihault:

-I simply don’t understand it. The atmosphere is fantastic and it is a part of the sport to be away from home. I have experience with Danish team away and things were 20 times worse -said succesfull Danish coach.

We have to ask mister Christensen, when he discovered violence and fear at the Balkans? Maybe at World Cup 2009 in Croatia, which was the best organised handball event ever with some standards which Scandinavia, with full respect, will never reach.




  1. robert

    19. December 2010. at 18:53

    Jan Pytlick it was first who urged danish fans to boo , especially in group match against Romania. Dismiss, youre such a noob coach.

  2. Dule

    15. December 2010. at 22:10

    It’s really ugly prejudices about the hanball fans from balkan, stupid idiots what the f… they want to see in the arenas theater or cinema or what… handball fans from balkans are simply the best,so passionate for their team… so how this stupid europeans can say this for our fans and i really can imagine what imbeciles are they…. GO Balkans We are the best and they are scared from us and cos i see fear in his comments :)))

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