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VELUX EHF CL: Veszprem demolish Motor – Minsk beat Wacker Thun

In the two openning matches of the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 3, two home team celebrate easy victories. MKB MVM Veszprem beat Ukrainian Motor 44:27. Team who had fantastic start of the season as newcomer with a draw against RNL and win over Zagreb, is demolished in “Veszprem Arena” against the fantastic Hungarian Top side. Laszlo Nagy scored 7 goals for the winning team…

Dinamo Minsk beat Swiss Wacker Thun 27:20 with Damir Doborac as the TOP scorer with 7 goals. This was the second win of Belarus champion in the Preliminary Round.



  1. Huge metal fan

    15. October 2013. at 11:03

    It is just my assumption and isn’t based on any inside info.
    I think that if Veszprem fails(again) and won’t reach the FF with such a budget and players, there will be considerable financial consequences.
    I guess that from next year some other teams will get even stronger and in 2-3 years most of the key players of Veszprem will be just after their zenith or even getting retired.

  2. hartza0

    14. October 2013. at 14:23

    Huge metal fan………Why do you say……? Not what…..sorry

  3. hartza0

    14. October 2013. at 14:21

    Hege metal……….What do you say “the last chance”? What will it happen if the team doesn’t win the CL? Do you know something about?

  4. Huge metal fan

    11. October 2013. at 08:57

    This might be the last chance for Veszprem to finally win the CL. The team is now strong enough.

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