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Vote for the World’s Best Female Player 2011!

After more than 6500 Handball fans worldwide decided that Laszlo Nagy is the Best World’s Handball Player in 2011, organising the First Voting Contest for the World’s Best Female Handball Player in 2011. Our Jury consisted of journalists and successful coaches with International background made a list of seven players as for the Men’s competition. They were the best on their positions in our opinion in the EHF Champions League, domestic Leagues or with their National Teams at the World Championship in Brasil.

The “BEST SEVEN” are:

Silvia Navarro Gimenez (Goalkeeper, Itxako Navarra and Spain)
Emiliya Turey (Left wing, Rostov Don – Itxako and Russia)
Andrea Penezic (Left back, Krim Mercator and Croatia)
Allison Pineau (playmaker, Metz and France)
Linn Jolum Sulland (right back, Larvik and Norway)
Carmen Martin Berenguer  (right wing, Itxako Navarra and Spain)
Heidi Loke (line player,Gyori and Norway)




  1. Ouro-gbeleou T. Issaou

    27. December 2011. at 20:24

    the best player 2011 is Allison Pineau

  2. pokop

    25. December 2011. at 15:06

    Heidi Loke

  3. Line -

    22. December 2011. at 18:29

    Heidi Løke!!

  4. Ole

    21. December 2011. at 15:42

    Heidi Løke

  5. Ingrid

    21. December 2011. at 15:42

    Heidi løke

  6. heidi

    21. December 2011. at 15:39

    Heidi Løke

  7. slagelse

    21. December 2011. at 01:27

    I have to admit that i think this poll was surprising. Bojana Popovic, Cecilie Leganger, Katrine Lunde Haraldsen are much better players than theese nominated players!

  8. slagelse

    21. December 2011. at 01:25

    Heidi Løke.

  9. fdfd

    20. December 2011. at 23:23

    Linn Jørum Sulland

  10. sandrine

    20. December 2011. at 19:18

    allison pineau

  11. ray

    20. December 2011. at 07:38

    Allison Pineau

  12. handballmania

    19. December 2011. at 22:58

    the best women player 2011 is
    Heidi LOKE

  13. Diogo

    19. December 2011. at 18:18

    quadê a chana masson?

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