Vukovic: “Our defense was impressive! – Wenta: “Efficiency ZERO”

After the first win of Serbia against Poland 22:18 (11:7) at the beginning of the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia, two coaches, Veselin Vukovic and Bogdan Wenta have different opinnions:

– Results was 22:18, like a game from “our time” – said Vukovic and look at his colleague, Wenta:

– I hope that Belgrade’s spectator enjoy our impressive defense. We didn’t “die in a beauty” in attack, our actions weren’t so attractive, but my team was highly motivated to win. Tommorow is a new days, we want to stabilize and prepare for the Danes – said Serbian coach, Veselin Vukovic.

Polish NT coach, Bogdan Wenta was angry:

– Serbia was clearly better all 60 minutes. We lost 22:18. When you received 22 goals, it’s not too much, but if you score 18, that is nothing. We had 14 technical mistakes. Our efficiency was ZERO. Players were agressive, but not effective. That was our problem – said Wenta.

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