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WC 2011 (Round 3): Spain won derby – Argentina and Algeria beat Europeans

Round 3 of World Championship in Sweden had some very interesting matches.

Group A:

Tunisia – Egypt 23:27 (10:11)

For both teams it wasn’t only the revenge for the final of the African Championships, but the last chance to still hope for the Main Round. The first period was a swing with changing leads. Egypt seemed to be fresher than the African champion, who lost too many powers against Spain the day before. Though Egypt led only 11:10 at the break, then they started their best period and extended the distance pre-decisively to 19:12. Though Tunisia tried everything, but  they didn’t have the means to turn the game. By winning 27:23 Egypt didn’t only take revenge on Tunisia but still can hope for the Main Round with 2:4r points, as Tunisia remain with 0 points.

France – Bahrain 41:17 (23:10)

The reigning champion has reached their intermediate goal: the Main Round – thanks to an easy victory against debutant Bahrain. The winner’s way was paved very early, and France is through to the Main Round after their third straight victory. Bahrain still received a free lesson and remain with zero points. France could save powers for the upcoming crucial duels with Germany and Spain, as the winner was obvious even before the break. Bahrain could stand the power of the reigning champion only 20 minutes, at the break the distance was already 13 goals – and French coach Claude Onesta didn’t even have to bring all his stars on the field.  Top scorer was Guillaume Joli with eleven goals for France.

Spain – Germany 26:24

France 6
Spain 6
Germany 4
Egypt 2
Tunisia 0
Bahrain – 0

Group B:

Iceland – Japan 36:22 (22:8)

Chanceless Japanese could not continue their performances they showed against Austria. Iceland is only one little step away from the Main Round after their third victory. They dominated Japan in the whole 60 minutes.  The Asian team remain with two points same as Austria two points below Norway and Hungary. Iceland took an early decision by leading 13:2 after 15 minutes. When the Northern Europeans decelerated the match became more equal – and Japan reduced the gap to 8:22 at the break. Iceland saved their powers in the second half, as they couldn’t be endangered anymore – the victory was well-deserved even concerning the goal difference.  Top scorer was again Icelandic left wing Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson with nine goals.

Norway – Austria  33:27 (16:11)

After their second straight defeat the Austrians (2:4 points) need to win both upcoming matches against the strong opponents Iceland and Hungary to have hopes for the Main Round. Norway (4:2 points) took their second victory and have clearly better chances for the next stage.  The Austrians started like a whirlwind and led 3:0, but as Norway improved the Northern Europeans equalized very fast at the score of 5:5. After the 6:3, scored by Erlend Mamelund Norway showed strength and took a quite comfortable five goals distance to the dressing rooms. Thanks to the in total ten goals of Harvard Tvedten the Norwegian victory was never endangered after the break. Norway is equal in points with Hungary currently but lost the direct encounter against them.

Hungary – Brasil 35:24

Iceland 6
Norway 4
Hungary 4
Austria 2
Japan 2
Brasil – 0

Group C:

Denmark – Serbia 35:27 (16:14)

“Danish Dynamite” celebrate a hardly earned, well-deserved and crucial victory:  Only theoretically – by losing both matches against Algeria and Croatia and two Serbian victories – they can be stopped on their way to the Main Round. To be absolute secure they need one more point from the upcoming matches – but they want more. The match – imprinted by ten goals of Mikkel Hansen – was a real handball deli, thrilling, emotional and full of power. As Serbia counted on their physical strong back court players like Vujin, Ilic and Rnic, Denmark took the profit of their fast match play, strong goalkeeping and counter attacks. The first 30 minutes were mostly equal with late advantage for the Danes, as Serbia missed several chances in the final stage of the first half. The match remained equal in the starting phase of the second half before Denmark extended the lead to five goals (23:18) for the first time in minute 39, after their defense had blocked some Serbian shots. When Lars Christiansen scored the 30:25 for the Danes the hopes for a crucial victory rose in minute 53. After a save of goalkeeper Niklas Landin Jesper Nöddesbo decided the game with the 34:27 two minutes before the end.  Serbia remain with four points and tough matches against Croatia and Romania ahead – but one victory might be enough for the ticket to the Main Round. Vujin was best Serbian scorer with seven goals.

Croatia – Australia 42:15
Algeria – Romania 15:14

Denmark 6
Croatia 6
Serbia 4
Algeria 2
Romania 0
Australia 0

Group D:

Sweden – Korea 30:22 (14:12)

Third clear victory for the WCh host, and Sweden- like Poland in their group – need only one more point to qualify for the Main Round. The host started fabulous and the spectators in Gothenburg went crazy when Jonas Larholm scored the 7:2 against highly impressed Koreans only after 13 minutes. But the Asians recovered and the Swedish motor got stuck a little, as Korea came closer to 10:12 in minute 26 – and they kept this distance until the break. But as in the first half the Swedes started brilliant again and extended the gap to 19:13 after only six minutes. Later-on the Swedes had the absolute control of the game and kept the distance quite clear.  Top scorers were Jonas Källman (eight goals) and Niclas Ekberg (seven). Geung Dong Yu scored seven Korean goals in seven attempts. Below Sweden and Poland (each 6:0 points) Korea rank equal with Argentina (each 3:3 points). Slovakia and Chile remain with zero.

Poland – Chile 38:23
Argentina – Slovakia 23:18

Sweden  6
Poland 6
South Korea 3
Argentina 3
Slovakia 0
Chile – 0

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