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WC 2011 Semifinals: Danes against Spain – France with Sweden

The last two matches of both Main Round groups had to decide the constellation in the semi-finals: And as Denmark beat Sweden they ranked first in group II and meet Spain in the semi-final on Friday on 28 January (20:30) in Kristianstad. France won the group I by their seventh victory against Iceland and will play against host Sweden (18:00) in Malmö on Friday. Spain and France are equal in points, but France have the better goal difference and rank ahead the Iberians. Denmark is the only team with eight victories in eight matches and lead the final ranking with 10:0 points ahead of Sweden (6:4). Aside Serbia beat Argentina and play for the places 9/10 against Norway. The Gauchos will meet Germany in the 11/12 placement match.

Sweden – France (Friday, 28.01, 18.00 in Malmö)
Denmark – Spain (Friday, 28.01, 20.30 in Kristianstad)

Placement matches:
5/6: Iceland – Croatia (Friday, 28.01, 20.30 in Malmö)
7/8: Hungary – Poland (Friday, 28.01, 18.00 in Kristianstad)
9/10: Norway – Serbia (Thursday, 27.01 in Kristianstad)
11/12: Germany – Argentina (Thursday, 27.01 in Kristianstad)

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