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WCL: Larvik with +2 to Spain

The first leg of the final of the Women’s Champions League finished with  2 goal positive for the home team. Larvik won the match with 23:21, after showing a strong performance in the second half to overcome a 8:9 deficit from the first.

Larsen and Loke led the Norwegian team, with 8 and 6 goals respectively, and at one point had even a 4-goal led, 19:15. However the Spanish team demonstrated that they’re not accidentally in the final, and during the whole game gave a strong fight back to the Norwegians. Martin and Barbosa were the most efficient in the away team with 5 goals each.

This means that the final is still not decided, and it will be 14th May at 19:45 that will decide. The game will be played in Pamplona, and whoever wins, it will be their first title in the Women’s Champions League, as both teams have this final as their debut.

Larvik  23: Leganger, Medvedeva, Larsen (8), Kurtovic, Breistol, Loke (6), Kristiansen, Johansen (1), Breivang, Nora Mork (3), Rantala, Hammersneg (2), Riegekhuth (3), Nyberg, Sullana, Stange, Tea Mork.

Itxako Reyno de Navarra 21: Navarro, Barnó, Pinedo, Turey (3) , Martín (5), Begoña (3), Soit (1), Barbosa (5), Pena (3), Alonso (1), Adriana, Egozkue, Aguilar

photo: eurohandball.com

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