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Wilbek after Croatia: “Croatian nightmare!”

Ulrik Wilbek never saw Denmark losing to Croatia by such huge margin as yesterday. The Danish headcoach was shocked and described the defeat as “Croatian nightmare”. “It was a fantastic performance by Croatia, I’ve never seen them better. They’re putting us in our place. I’ve never seen them this fit. Their fast breaks are good and they are showing some fantastic performances. Everything went wrong for us.” – Wilbek said after the game.

Mikkel Hansen to Ivano Balic: “What are you doing to us?!”

Interesting in-game details were given by Ivano Balic. Apparently, according to Balic, at one point during the game, Mikkel Hansen – obviously surprised by the game development, asked Balic “What are you doing to us?!“. The story has not been denied by Mikkel Hansen, but on the other hand he is quoted to have said after the game that “Denmark will break Croatia by 20 goals next game”.



  1. Coach

    6. August 2012. at 10:49

    Croatia will be in the final vs Island…France doesen’t loog good neither Denmark. In 1/4 Croatia vs Argentina – Croatia
    Denmark – Sweden – Denmark
    Spain – France – Spain
    Island – Serbia – Island.-
    After this Croatia will play against Spain or Denmark and win like it did already. And play vs Island.

  2. Thor Einarsson

    5. August 2012. at 15:56

    European champions crushed. Danmörk.. fanden selv, hvad der skete?!

    This Croatian team is something else. They will play for gold medal. Against Iceland is my bet.

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