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Women’s Junior WCh 2014 eight finals schedule

After all 60 matches of the group phase at the Women’s Junior World Championship in Croatia have been completed on Saturday (5 July), the fixtures and pairings for the next stages – eighth-finals and President’s Cup – are confirmed.

The eighth-finals will be played in Dugo Selo and Koprivnica on Monday (7 July), while parallel the matches of the President’s Cup for the ranking positions 17 to 24 start in Cakovec. The winners of the eighth-finals proceed to the quarter-finals (9 July in Koprivnica), while the losers face in the placement round for the positions 9 to 16 in Dugo Selo from 9 to 12 July.

The President’s Cup is played on two days (7 and 9 July). Those teams, which finished on the fifth positions in their respective groups face for the positions 17 to 20, those on the sixth position in the groups for the rankings 21 to 24.

The eighth-final is composed by all 14 European participants and the two continental champions of Asia (Korea) and Pan-America (Brazil). Three of the four opening matches of the President’s Cup are continental duels.


Match schedule eighth final:

In Koprivnica:

14:00 hrs. local times:

Denmark – Czech Republic


16:15 hrs. local times:

Korea – Serbia


18:30 hrs. local times:

Netherlands – Croatia


20:45 hrs. local times:

Norway – Germany


In Dugo Selo:

14:00 hrs. local times:

Portugal  – Romania


16:15 hrs. local times:

Brazil – France


18:30 hrs. local times:

Hungary – Slovenia


20:45 hrs. local times:

Russia – Sweden


Fixtures President’s Cup in Cakovec:

14:00 hrs. local times:

Uruguay – Argentina


16:00 hrs. local times:

Japan – China


18:00 hrs. local times:

Kazakhstan – Angola


20:00 hrs. local times:

DR Congo – Tunisia


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