GER/DEN 2019

World championship from the Olympic Games prespective

The handball qualification for the Olympic Games is one of the toughest. Only 12 teams fight for the gold medal, and if you “drop” the host ticket – we have only 11 tickets.
In 2016 Rio De Janeiro games, Denmark who qualified from the olympic qualification tournament (in Herning) – Took the gold medal. So… the Olympic perspective in the current world championship is fatal. 
The champions will get a direct ticket while the 2nd-7th place will get a ticket for the 3 Olympic qualification events in April 16th-19th.
If you think that “A European team will get a ticket from next year’s Euro in Austria, Sweden and Norway”- The history show that you are right. In this situation, the world championship 8th place will get an Olympic qualification ticket.
More than that, we saw Brazil beat Croatia yesterday. More than that, this is the first world championship since France 2001 that 3 non-European national teams finish in the top 12. If Brazil and the two African will improve in the upcoming matches, it will be a very interesting situation. Remember that in next January, Tunisia host the African Championship.
One fact for sure is that all the main round’s 12 teams will fight until the very end for the best place that they can reach, and not just on the semi-finals tickets. In the present, all the 12 teams can reach an Olympic qualification ticket.
Written by Dean Shmuel Elmas
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