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WRHL 2012/2013 starts this weekend

Women’s Regional Handball League, who hasn’t a lot of success in previous years, this season welcome back Croatian teams, RK Podravka and RK Lokomotiva, so Buducnost from Podgorica will have two-three more tough matches apart of the EHF Champions League. Montenegrin team is the first favourite for winning this competition. For the second place will fight Serbian Zajecar, Croatian Podravka, but also Macedonian teams, Metalurg and Zajecar. Serbian vice-champion, RK Jagodina could surprise someone, Lokomotiva as well, while Biseri are total outsider.

1.round 08-09.09.2012.

Buducnost – Metalurg
Podravka – Jagodina
Zajecar – Vardar
Biseri – Lokomotiva

2.round 15-16.09.2012.

Vardar – Buducnost
Biseri – Podravka
Jagodina – Zajecar
Lokomotiva – Metalurg

3.round 22-23.09.2012.

Buducnost – Jagodina
Podravka – Lokomotiva
Zajecar – Biseri
Metalurg – Vardar

4.round 08-09.09.2012.

Biseri – Buducnost
Podravka – Zajecar
Jagodina – Metalurg
Lokomotiva – Vardar

5.round 10.10.2012.

Buducnost – Podravka
Metalurg – Biseri
Zajecar – Lokomotiva
Vardar – Jagodina

6.round 22.12.2012.

Zajecar – Buducnost
Biseri – Vardar
Podravka – Metalurg
Lokomotiva – Jagodina

7.round 29.12.2012.

Buducnost – Lokomotiva
Jagodina – Biseri
Vardar – Podravka
Metalurg – Zajecar

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