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WWCH 2013: Easy start for Hungary

European Championship’s bronz medalist Hungary started the World Championship with an easy win against Czech Republic. The Czech national team started well, Knedliková and Luzumová scored 6 times in a short period. In the middle of the first half Poznarová hit the neck of Anita Görbicz and got a red card from the Bonaventura sisters. The great Hungarian substitutions gave the turning-point of the match: Cifra and Szucsánszki improved the Hungarian team’s attack and defense too. In the beginning of the second half the Czech players couldn’t keep step and evolved the biggest – 10 goals – difference between the teams. Then came to stay a 6-7 goals difference and the Hungarians won with 8 goals in Novi Sad. The bests were Görbicz with 9, Bognár-Bódi with 6 and Knedliková with 7 goals.

Hungary – Czech Republic 35-27 (18-16)

Scorers: Görbicz (9/5), Bognár-Bódi (6), Triscsuk (2), Vérten (1), Cifra (4), Bulath (2), Tomori (3), Szucsánszki (3/1), Vincze (1), Kovacsicz (3), Rédei-Soós (1)  and  Poznarová (1/1), Knedliková (7), Luzumová (4/1), Hrbková (2), Salcaková (3), Cerna (5), Chrenková (1), Selucká (2), Kutlvasrová (1), Kecliková (1)

Saves: 14 and 11

7 metres: 6/6 and 3/2

Suspensions: 4 and 8 minutes

Red cards: – and 1


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