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YOUR OPINION: Resin-free handball?

Handball future with or without resin. The International Handball Federation announced intention to prohibit the use of resin in handball until the end of 2017. The official ball supplier of IHF, Molten, working on ball which could be easily controled even without „the most important thing for handball players“ apart of their snickers, T-shirt and ball – resin.

The reason for such idea of IHF are mostly linked with handball as a „cleaner sport“:

– First of all, the resin itself poses a problem. Not only that it is unhealthy for the players, a lot of venues worldwide don’t allow the use of resin, on the one hand because of the necessary cleaning of the floors, which is connected to additional expenses, and on the other hand because resin destroys the floors. Furthermore, the colours of the ball, which is always specifically designed for each championship to match the colours of the respective host nation, are not visible anymore after several minutes during a match as the ball is covered with resin. In addition, some parents do not permit their children to play handball because of the resin – wrote in statement from IHF office.

However, the opponents and skeptics of resin-free handball think that decision could make a lot of problems to some players to show their technical mastery and reduce the number of their shooting solutions what is crucial thing for the fans and attractivity or our sport.

What do you think? Which kind of future for handball you want?

Resin-free handball?

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  1. Rui Matos

    30. May 2017. at 15:59

    If players have to use resin because the ball is to big, diminish ball diameter!

    Besides, if Molten or other constructor manages a way to make handball surface adehrent to players hand, without resine, what’s the point against banishing it?

    Finally, as a former children handball coach, I never let my players use it: I wanted them to develop their strength grip, as long as their hands managed to grab it in a way they could throw it, not push it.

  2. one wing guy

    25. August 2016. at 19:04

    Without resin handball would be less spectacular in a way it would loose viewers, fans and athletes. we dont want to play other game, we want handball and handball has resin and diferent shooting options plus not everyone has a hand large enough to handle the ball properly without resin. This would ruin the sport

  3. Daniel COMAN

    24. August 2016. at 12:46

    How much Molton pay this decision?
    We played all our life with resins and we are still alive.
    Shame on you IHF.

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