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Zagreb win handball war against Meshkov

PPD Zagreb celebrate their third win in EHF CL campaign which put Croatian best team closer to the TOP 16 spot in Group A.  Team of Veselin Vujović showed more in 60 minutes of the tough battle against Meshkov Brest 25:23 (11:8) and deserved to take points at the end. Home team were on +6 ten minutes to go (21:15), but Belarrusian side led by outstanding Rastko Stojković (9 goals) managed interesting finish until the last seconds in which Zlatko Horvat scored from 7 meter for – 25:23.

PPD: Ivić 3 saves, Stevanović 8 saves, Mihić 3/5, Brozović 2/4, Stepančić 2/3, Vuglač 3/5, Šušnja 1/2, J. Valčić 1/2, Horvat 6(2)/6, Raković 1/2, Obranović 4/6, Šprem 1/2
MESHKOV: Pešić 13 saves, Manojlović 5/9, Nikulenka 0/3, Stojković 9(5)/10),  Razgor 2/3, Špiler 0/2, Šilović 3/4, Božović 0/3, Rutenka 4/5
RESULTS: 1:2 (5.) 3:3 (11.) 5:3 (15.) 6:4 (17.) 6:7 (20.) 7:8 (22.) 11:8 (30.) 14:9 (36.) 14:11 (40.) 16:13 (45.) 18:15 (47.) 21:15 (50.) 22:20 (55.) 23:22 (59.)
Man of the Match: Rastko Stojković (Meshkov)
Match to forget: Josip Valčić (PPD Zagreb) / David Špiler (Meshkov)

Fighting spirit was too high at the start of the encounter in Zagreb Arena, which was calculated in great number of hard tackles and two minutes suspensions. Zagreb’s defense was dominant, which provided a few chances for easy goals from counter-attacks.  Meshkov’s back line had poor first half expect Nikola Manojlović, which play „2 on 2“ with Rastko Stojković on the line, was the biggest problem for home team.

Meshkov Brest coach Zeljko Babic had to take a break after 14 minutes, in the moment when his team was two goals down – 5:3. Effects was visible in short period of time, with few saves of Ivan Pešić and 3:0 series by Manojlović – Stojković for turnover – 6:7 in 20th minute.

The last advantage Meshkov had two minutes later 8:7, when began 13 minutes long „goalless“ period. Zagreb finished the first half with three goals of the captain Zlatko Horvat – 11:8.

After only 100 seconds in the second half, Croatian champions were on +5 – 13:8, with the first goal of Luka Šebetić, the third right back which was used by Veselin Vujović. Meshkov got some other players on the level necessary for the serious resistance on today’s match during the middle of the second half when right back Shylovic and right wing Rutenka began to score goals and make attack more versatile.

However, Zagreb’s left back Sandro Obranović took a role of „punisher“ with three-four powerful goals from 9 meters, which put hist team six goals ahead of the rival – 21:15, with only 10 minutes to go.

Meshkov began to play like they have nothing to lose. Rastko Stojković tied up a few goals in series, and Belarussian outfit came on -1 only 90 seconds until the end. After goals of Obranović and Rutenka from both sided, Zagreb managed to save the ball in the last 30 seconds of the match and score just before final whistle for – 25:23.

RK Metalurg – La Rioja 29:28
THW Kiel – PSG 33:29


1. THW Kiel6501186:164(22)10
2. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…6402169:157(12)8
3. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …6303136:139(-3)6
3. Naturhouse La Rioja6303177:174(3)6
5. HC Meshkov Brest6204159:164(-5)4
6. HC Metalurg6105146:175(-29)2
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